Dear Reef,
Thank you again for the Program. I like it so much! I can run it even from my office computer. I can save data in ASCII format and transfer them to Origin, for example.

Software Products

Our products are designed to help EPR spectroscopists gather, analyze, and view their data. We provide a complete suite of tools to accomplish these tasks.

Use our Purchase page to place your order. Because of various spectrometer and computer hardware requirements, please discuss your purchase with Reef Morse before you place your order.

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EWWIN 2012 - EPRWare for Windows

EPR data acquisition, manipulation and line shape analysis software for Windows.

Test a fully functional EWWIN 2012 for 14 days for free. Free activation allows use of basic functions. Payment required to activate lineshape analysis and data acquisition.

For further details, see EWWIN 2012 and EWVoigt.

Description Code Price
EWWIN 2012 for all Spectrometers (except Bruker ESP300, EMX and newer Bruker spectrometers) 600.100 $9950 (outside USA: add $400 for shipping)
EWWIN 2012 for Bruker ESP300
Lineshape Analysis only
Data Acquisition only
National Instruments GPIB+ card and 2 meter GPIB cable for use with Bruker ESP300. 610.100 $1050 (outside USA: add $50 for shipping )


Software for control of pulse spectrometers.

Test a fully functional SpecMan4EPR for 14 days for free. Learn more: SpecMan4EPR.

Description Code Price
SpecMan4EPR network version: software only with device drivers (ask for additional details) 575.100 $5000.00

Analysis/Simulation software for DOS

Bundled DOS package comprised of EWVoigt for line shape analysis, and EWSIM for spectral simulation.

For detailed descriptions, see EWSIM and EWVoigt

Description Code Price
Analysis/Simulation Package
EWVoigt and EWSIM software
580.200 $1,000.00

EWSim has been used successfully as a teaching tool in spectroscopy and physical chemistry courses. Contact us for educational pricing.

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