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Written by Boris Epel, Igor Gromov and Stefan Stoll
Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot) and
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich)
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The experiment is the ultimate way to verify any theoretical hypothesis. Modern experiments become faster and the equipment is getting more sophisticated. Computers are capable of providing of the adequate level of control for those experiments, which stimulated the development of multiple specialized computer programs. However, the basic experimental approach of a system response observation as a function on a independent parameters remains the same. This motivated us to write an unified control software capable of handling a wide class of experiments.

The SpecMan4EPR software is designed for the need of pulsed spectroscopy, in particular for pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR). Pulse EPR demands synchronous performance of a hardware with high time resolution (on the order of nanoseconds) and control software. A non effective performance of the spectrometer results in a so-called overhead time - the difference between actual and calculated duration of the experiment. SpecMan4EPR delivers minimal overhead by optimal utilization of available experimental hardware and computer resources.

Another advantage of SpecMan4EPR is its flexibility. Virtually any hardware can be controlled by this program (device driver required), which allows to use SpecMan4EPR for a wide range of instruments - starting from a budget to a top-notch performance systems.

A spectrometer independent Pulse Programming Language (PPL) allows the user to create pulse sequences on the tip of the finger, leaving the complexity of hardware control to the SpecMan4EPR kernel.


  • Unified shell for pulse experiment
  • User-friendly interface, 'one-click' access to the majority of options. Convenient representation of experimental and hardware parameters. Digital scope and two independent viewports for real-time monitoring of the experiment flow
  • Easy to use spectrometer independent customizable PPL with user-defined commands, variables and arrays. Automatic pulse sequence optimization and experiment validation. Arbitrary phase cycling schemes. Programming of the whole experiment at once (appropriate hardware required)
  • Up to three-dimensional experiments are possible (four-dimensional one with transient acquisition). Linear, logarithmic, stochastic or user-defined sweeping of experimental parameters. Unlimited number of parameters
  • Saving of data to ASCII or binary format. Data browsing and previewing. Optional data autosaving and protection
  • Flexible adjustment to hardware, support of the most recent devices. Arbitrary amount of pulse channels and acquired data streams
  • Remote control of a spectrometer (SpecMan4EPR Network edition).
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Latest local version: SpecMan4EPR

Latest network version: SpecMan4EPR

The exclusive rights for the distribution of the SpecMan Network Edition belong to Scientific Software Services.

System Requirements

IBM PC compatible computer
processor 400 MHz or better,
64 MB RAM or more, SVGA card with at least 800x600 resolution,
MS Windows 95 or higher (95/98/9x/2000/XP) (compatibility with Windows Vista was not tested),
IE5 or higher to browse this help.
National Instruments (www.ni.com) latest drivers for NI VISA (ver. 2.6), NI DAQ (ver. 6.9.3f3)
Acqiris (www.acqiris.com) driver (ver. 2.14).
Latest Pulse Blaster (www.spincore.com) driver.

Further Information

Additional information about SpecMan4EPR is at: http://www.specman4epr.com/

Key Publications [See all relevant publications.]

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