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Thank you again for the Program. I like it so much! I can run it even from my office computer. I can save data in ASCII format and transfer them to Origin, for example.

Analysis and Simulation Software Package

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EWSim creates rigorously accurate simulations of electron paramagnetic spectra based on algorithms derived from the Bloch equations.

  • EWSim is designed specifically for simulation of organic anion radicals in solution, in the absence of anisotropy effects (though useful simulations of half spectra can usually be done if anisotropy is present)
  • Individual spectra can be added (with centers g shifted if necessary) or superimposed for quantitative analysis of mixtures.
  • EWSim handles all spin quantum numbers, and any number of spectral lines a reasonable anion radical is likely to generate.
  • EWSim handles exchange between two different radicals.

Very rapid "low resolution" trial simulations can be made until trial parameters obviously approach "reality" - then higher resolution simulations, capable of being compared with a spectrum obtained from EWWIN, can be made at proportionally slower speeds. EWSim has been exhaustively tested to maximize the ease in which individual parameters (for example, coupling constants) can be modified. Great care and attention has been given to the user interface so that EWSim is highly functional.

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