Dear Reef,
Thank you again for the Program. I like it so much! I can run it even from my office computer. I can save data in ASCII format and transfer them to Origin, for example.

Scientific Software Services is your source for software for all commercially-available EPR spectrometers. We are the largest third-party supplier of EPR software and hardware in the world. Our hardware and software packages will fit collect data and analyze spectra from any commercial spectrometer.


We are now shipping a new data acquisition platform which supports ethernet communication, allows up to 4 simultaneous channels of data acquisition at up to 1.25 Mhz per sample, and a host of new spectral manipulation operations. Check the Products page for pricing.

Test a fully functional EWWIN and SpecMan4EPR for 14 days for free. Free activation allows use of basic functions. Payment required to activate lineshape analysis and data acquisition.

We now have software upgrades for Bruker ESP300 spectrometers. Further details are available at EWWIN.

Doing something unique?

Scientific Software makes its services available to the EPR community for special and one-of-a-kind jobs. We have experience in programming pulse, ENDOR, swept ENDOR, and other spectrometers. Contact us to get started.

Future plans...

We will be developing products for further enhancing your ability to gather, analyze, and organize spectral data. See our new web-based data acquisition and spectrometer control in the NEW! section above.

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EPR-related Conferences and Information...

49th Rocky Mountain Conference on Analytical Chemistry - July 22-26, 2007 (Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center, Breckenridge, Colorado) Endorsed by the Colorado Section - American Chemical Society and the Rocky Mountain Section - Society for Applied Spectroscopy. Further information is available at http://www.rockychem.com/epr/index.htm

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